Bringing Turkish Delight into Your Home

0 Comments 18 October 2010

Even though the Ottoman Empire is no more and the modern country of Turkey is very different from its historical forerunner, Turkish history and culture has left an interesting impression on home decorating styles.

Turkey is itself an interesting dichotomy. Located between Europe and Asia, its culture is an interesting mix of Eastern traditionalism and Western secularism. This is mirrored in its beautiful architecture and art. Visit any country that used to be under the Ottoman Empire and you will still see some of the magnificent palaces and elegant stone houses that the ancient Turks built.

Today, you can bring a touch of Turkish delight into your home by decorating the rooms with traditional Turkish art. If you visit Istanbul, you can still find plenty of traditional craft items on sale in its busy bazaars and market places. And even if you don’t, you can find Turkish accessories in many craft stores around the world.

Traditional Turkish art is very decorative and ornate. One of the most popular forms of this art is the area rug. An oriental area rug is a beautiful item to decorate any room with. There are many such area rugs in ornate, colorful designs.

The use of lace is very widespread in Turkish culture. You can drape your tables with handmade lace cloths, with their intricate, needlepoint designs. Lace bedcovers are also very popular. These are also handmade and they cover the bed with a beautiful, ornate bedskirt. Anatolian lace, from the Turkish region of Anatolia, is particularly intricate and eye-catching.

One of the most popular traditions in Turkish culture is drinking strong, black, sweet Turkish coffee from small, elegant china cups. These tiny cups are very colorful and are usually hand-painted with strikingly beautiful designs. They do not only serve as a drinking utensil but can also be used to decorate a room. Leave them laid out on your sideboard or coffee table – ready for use but also as a beautiful centerpiece in your living room.

The traditional Turkish lamp is also a very popular and elegant item to place inside any living room. You can purchase several types of lamp. Some are floor lamps, while others are attached to the ceiling. From example, a traditional Turkish floor lamp is made from colored glass and brass and it provides light and beauty to any room. A ceiling lamp may be suspended with chains. Again, it is also ornate and looks like a work of art. You can also decorate a room with an ottoman table lamp, and if you want a rather unusual curiosity, how about an Aladdin’s lamp? A traditional Turkish oil lamp looks absolutely beautiful when polished and it can give off a considerable amount of light.

Other traditional Turkish items that you may wish to decorate your home with are ottoman-style tasseled throw pillows with gold colored tassels, fringes, and colorful hand embroidery. If you are good at needlework, you could even make some of them yourself. They will provide comfort and color to any armchair or sofa.

This kind of art is sure to add a certain spice and beauty to any room, so use it well and turn your home into a Turkish delight.


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