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0 Comments 19 October 2010

Blue interior designs are a style which often appeals to both sexes and people of all ages. Whether it be a childrens sky blue nursery, an aqua blue bathroom, or a modern bedroom decorated in midnight blue, the flexibility and range of shades of the color blue mean it will always play a part in contemporary interiors.

Traditionally, blue is considered a primary colour, with secondary colors, orange, yellow and brown as its complement. Blue is used as a beutral color, as its different shades have both masculine and feminine appeal, this is why parents expecting children will often decorate a nursery in a sky blue.

Dark blues can come to represent sadness, therefore in gothic interiors blue is mixed with black and white to produce an effect of mystery. Using lighter shades of blue will add coolness to the design, a good technique when decorating a home in a warmer climate, like a beach house in colours to match the sea and sky outside.

In the kitchen, choosing fitted furniture with blue laquered doors will add vibrancy and a masculine appeal. Because of its connction to water, blue always works well in modern bathrooms. A blue and white bathroom design represents the elements of water and air, giving the room a balanced and natural feel.

Adding a touch of blue to any interior renovation can characterize many things, so think carefully about what it is you want to represent and achieve. Consider the space available, and how darker blues can make the room appear smaller, and lighter shades open it up.

Here we look at thirty-five modern blue interiors, in different shades, some decorated in bold blues, others with just a splash of color, all good examples of how blue is one of the most versatile and DIY-freindly shades of color to use.

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