Roxanne – the chair shaped like luscious lips

0 Comments 27 October 2010

This chair looks so sexy and inviting you may even want to kiss it. The Roxanne chair is shaped exatly like a pair of giant lips, puckered and poised to plant a kiss. The shape also suggests a large smile, making this a fun and iconic seating solution.

Designed by Sand & Birch, there are two styles of Roxanne – a soft version in polyurethan and fabric, and a hard version in varnished polyurethane. The top lip acts as the backrest and the bottom lip the base, whilst the corners of the lips become armrests.

A chair such as this would make a great romantic present or a Valentine’s Day gift. Roxanne is a fine example of what Sand & Birch means for sculpture-design: a unique interpretation of functional objects according to a personal vision of shapes and meanings.

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