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Tavalone Table

0 Comments 29 March 2009

Many say that your personality, apart from being a window into your soul, is also your best guide when it comes to decorating, personal tastes, music interests as well as fetishes. For those who are free-spirited, adventurous and always in search of something new and different, then include the Tavalone table as part of your home décor.

The table is designed from a cast of liquid resin which solidifies and follows a flexible shape that defines the human face outline. The table is to symbolize softness and flexibility with a hint of artistic nature. The top of the table is supported and stiffen by a metallic crossbar that supports the legs. The legs of the table is a whole different story altogether. The legs are realized in cases of various dimensions and decorated by hand with resin.

Both the table top and the legs are a contrast by itself. The table top comes in dual color modes which are blood red and evening sun orange where as the legs is in black. This sorts of give the table its yin and yang aspect and this concept transcends to the shapes of both table top and legs. In the case of the table top where it has a flowing shape and not rigid to show flexibility, the legs are cubes to contrast the top by being rigid.

This table is perfect for those seeking something different and out of the ordinary. Not only will this table attract the attention of your many house guests, it also proves to be an ice breaker and a conversational piece as it will provoke the curiosity and piques the interest of the table’s origins, its price and even its designer. This table suits the apartments and home of urban, metropolitan living where the theme of the décor is being minimalistic and simple. Set in a background of white, the table definitely stands out in your living room.

By Meritalia

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