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Designing Your Living Room in Japanese Style

0 Comments 23 April 2010

There’s a mad rush on the streets, in the office, even at the gym. You live in a world where time is always on fast-forward and everything is geared towards a deadline or simply getting there first.

This kind of constant whirlwind activity could lead you into a nervous breakdown, if it hasn’t already. To balance this, you may need a space that will allow you to slow down and regroup. Having this kind of area in your own home is a great way to leave that crazy time-dependent world and just focus on yourself and your peace of mind.

Interiors do a lot to exude this kind of atmosphere. “Zen” is a catch-word in terms of design in this decade, and a lot of people are employing it in their homes. Some create Zen gardens, while others incorporate Zen’s minimalistic design in areas of the house. A perfect area to transform in your home would be the living room. Zen is associated with classic styles of Japanese furniture and a few key pieces could transform your living room into a calming space with a traditional Asian touch.

First of all, unclutter your living room by getting rid of anything you could do without. Move things that should belong to other rooms and clean out old magazines. Get rid of elaborate decorative items. Consider keeping just enough furniture in the room to be able to seat everyone comfortably and then take out extra sofas and chairs to give you more space to move.

Color is also an important consideration. Go for muted neutrals for your floors and walls. You can push the Japanese style design not just with Japanese furniture, but by also installing Japanese paper sliding doors or using tatami mats instead of traditional Western flooring for the room. Large windows with soft, light-diffusing screens allow some gentle natural light to filter through during the day, while soft lighting from simple paper lamps or sconces are great at night.

For furniture, low-lying tables are a distinct feature of Japanese style. Japanese furniture tends to be double purpose, functional while stylish at the same time. You could also consider using some Antique Japanese furniture pieces such as tansu to give it that old-world Asian feel.

Decorative pieces should be subtle. A framed calligraphy piece or a small bonsai would suffice. Other ideas would be ikebana flower arrangements or a simple Zen fountain or Zen garden in a corner. The calming sound of gently flowing water adds a special touch to the peace and harmony in the room.
With these design elements and Japanese furniture ideas in mind, it will not only be your living room, but also your mind and spirit that will be transformed.


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