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Takebook is an intelligent design by Avio Sattin for Bellato. Not much is known about the designer except the designer is the brains behind Takebook – a space efficient one-of-a-kind invention with a minimalistic take. Takebook is a self-standing, transformable MDF bookshelf that requires no hardware assembly. The Takebook is designed inline with Bellato’s new line of product launches which focuses on furniture that uses less space. According to Bellato “Space has become a luxury; our intelligent designs optimize, and create, living spaces. Our new line of original pieces showcases compelling and open-minded design proud to be Made in Italy,”

Takebook is configurable as it has shelves slides that are arranged into slits which are cut into the structural columns of the bookshelf. You can easily pull it apart and draw it together without any screwdrivers, no nails, wrench or any form of tool. According to the space in you home, the Takebook allows for its columns to be attached horizontally to the walls of your living area to create different compositions to suit your style, needs and preferences.

The overall dimension of the Takebook is 2600mm in width and 2100mm in length whereas its depth is 310mm. Customers have a wide variety of colors and shades to choose from as the Takebook employs different shades for both is columns and shelves. The columns are only available in Mat Lacquered while the shelves are Mat or Glossy Lacquered. For the Matt lacquered option, customers can choose from zinc yellow to pure orange, tomato red, ruby red and lilac red, pastel turquoise, grey, and brown, black and white. The glossy versions also come in zinc yellow, pure orange, tomato red, ruby red and lilac red, pastel turquoise, grey, and brown, black and white.

The Takebook is recommended for those who want to maximize space in their living areas or for small apartments. The Takebook gives the room a bigger space vision not only because its space-savvy but also because of its minimalistic look that does not look to overcrowded and has crisp and clear definitions.

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