red nest – stylish sliding wall unit with concealed bed

0 Comments 31 October 2010

Red Nest is a wall unit combined with a bookshelf which houses a bed inside it. The unit slides along the wall to reveal the sleeping area, workspace and a wardrobe. Designed by French designer Paul Coudamy, this novel solution to bedroom storage offers unique functionality and contemporary style.

The bookshelf is a movable unit, which when slid across enables the double bed to be opened up. Finished in a red carmine gloss paint, the unit reinforces the graphical dimension of the space and its delimitation by contrasting with the matt white walls. The disappearance of the spacial limits is reinforced by the use of two-way mirrors that control the hidden and visible spaces according to light.

Apartments with movable walls help to enhance the space greatly and partition off areas for more privacy. Red Nest, hidden behind the movable bookcase, gives the bed area a feel of coziness and a more personalized space.

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